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I associate with gentlemen and gentlemen only. I am very selective about who I choose to see. There is etiquette to what I do and I wish for it to be followed.

Please take some time to read through the rules on this page before making a booking. I appreciate your patience and understanding!

Not everyone is an appropriate fit for my sensuality and life coaching. Before we schedule an initial meeting, I will assess whether you are someone that can be helped by spending time with me.

In order to make the initial assessment, I need you to send me a text message or email message (I prefer text messages) that includes a short biography. You should tell me about your education, profession, age, hobbies, lifestyle, exercise habits, philosophy, and how close friends would describe you if I were talking with them. I also enjoy hearing about what part of the world you were raised in, where you often spend your time now and what you are currently reading.

After sending me this information it may take me a few days to get back to you. If you have not heard from me in a week feel free to send me a text reminder including your name and email.

Understand that I may decide, initially or at any point thereafter, that you are not a good fit for my coaching. You may make the same determination. Accordingly, either you or I may decline to see each other at any time.

My sensuality and life coaching often involve subjects and information that are of a personal nature. I will protect, hold in sacred trust, and keep confidential any information that you disclose to me in the course of making inquiries regarding my coaching or through the course of our time together. You are likewise expected to keep and protect my confidences.

I rarely, if ever, schedule same day appointments. The more advance notice I have of your request for an appointment, the more likely I will be to reserve the time for you.

The rates for my time are not negotiable, and I will not discuss them in order to maximize our session and avoid interruption. Place the envelope on the counter, where it easily seen.

Do not arrive early for any scheduled appointment. Please text upon arrival.


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