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The Benefits of Sensuality and Life Coaching

A sensuality and life coach helps clients lead lives that are enriched, inspired, more self-aware, and, put succinctly, better.

My decision to become a sensuality and life coach was born of recognizing a deficit. Many, many of us are never touched, and never touch others, with warmth and affection. As I began to work with clients, I discovered that a meaningful number of them did not prefer warmth and affection, but rather preferred restraint, submission, sensory awakening, and the thrill of transgressing societal norms. The outlet for those desires was even more limited than the one for warm and affectionate touch. With an open mind and a thirst for new experiences, I have discovered an astounding variety of unmet sensual needs, suppressed emotions, and missed opportunities for self-exploration.

Just as many of my highly accomplished clients pursue excellence professionally, I am determined to provide my clients the very best sensuality and life coaching possible. Over the past year, I have participated in multiple specialized trainings and seminars that make me a more complete sensuality and life coach. I have studied life coaching, tantra, and bondassage (a unique form of massage therapy and light BDSM) from recognized experts in their respective fields. An excellent sensuality and life coach is trained and prepared to assist clients with a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, fantasies, and desires, and does so without even the suggestion of judgment.

The unconditional acceptance and absolute anonymity clients enjoy as part of my coaching allows for personal exploration, and they are often inspired to try new things. My experience is that many clients have suppressed at least some of their sensual desires, fantasies, and/or primal urges to conform to perceived societal norms, the expectations of others, or some other limitation.

Clients regularly tell me that I am the only person with whom they can share certain confidences, explore submission, restraint, and the feeling of completely relinquishing control. Though it seems counterintuitive, clients generally find light restraint, especially the bondassage method I employ, to be a liberating experience.

My coaching helps clients recognize their untapped potential. My clients are inspired to live a healthier lifestyle, they are more affectionate to friends and family, more self-aware, more confident, more creative, buoyed by happy energy, and they live better lives.

While my coaching may be unconventional, I find great satisfaction and fulfillment in making the lives of others better. Please contact me if you are interested in making me your sensuality and life coach.

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  1. Big rich

    I need your help! My sensuality is gone. Please help!

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